How to buy and install a sauna?

There are two options for purchasing a sauna: a prefab sauna (professional designed, precisely cut and partially assembled on delivery) or a custom sauna. While a custom sauna offers more freedom to install a sauna in your space, prefab sauna kits can be installed relatively easily thanks to the modern design.

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor sauna, the main factors to consider before purchasing are the available space, the floor or foundation, and electricity. An indoor sauna needs a good waterproof floor or foundation, and the sauna itself needs enough space, as well as a space where tempered glass or wood doors can be opened. For electric stoves, it is important to ensure that the sauna has adequately secure electrical connections.

Before purchasing an outdoor sauna kit, check your local codes to make sure you are aware of any regulations, building codes or permits that may be required. Without thinking about making it suitable for an indoor space, the first task of installing a freestanding outdoor sauna is to find a safe and reliable power source for the stove and lighting. Whatever you decide to buy, be sure to contact the manufacturer for comprehensive planning and installation information.

Whether buying for your home's backyard or to enhance the comfort of your woods cabin, a sauna is an investment you won't regret. Of course, the style, size and type of sauna that is right for you depends on many different factors.

When you have any questions about purchasing a sauna, you can contact us by email at any time.
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