How to choose a home sauna

Classification of family saunas

According to whether it is a water sauna, it is divided into: dry sauna, wet sauna

According to different heating principles, saunas are divided into: steam sauna, far infrared sauna, tourmaline steam, etc.

Home Sauna Purchase

There are various sauna boxes, sauna cabinets, fumigation boxes, etc. on the market with different prices and different quality. So be careful when buying.

1. Choose the size of the room. If it is for family use, you can choose two or three people. Also consider the size of the placement location. Assembled home saunas on the market will be more convenient.

2. Material selection: choose materials with good quality, not easy to deform, good thermal insulation performance, durable and anti-corrosion.

3. Whether the design is safe: whether the ventilation holes, circuits, lighting, housing, etc. are waterproof and explosion-proof to protect the safety of users.

4. Whether the quality of the control panel is guaranteed, the life time of various accessories, whether the quality is qualified, etc.

5. Choose reputable merchants and choose carefully

6. When purchasing, be optimistic about whether the merchant has perfect after-sales service to protect your consumer rights.
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