How to choose a home sauna box

There are two types of home sauna boxes, far infrared sauna box and steam sauna box. Wells far infrared sauna box is dry steaming without adding water. As the name suggests, steam sauna box has a steamer inside, which generates steam after heating. , to increase the body temperature. Far-infrared sauna boxes are more popular in the market now. We all know that far-infrared sauna boxes have many benefits, but there are different products on the market and prices are also uneven, so how do we choose a cost-effective home use What about far infrared saunas?

1. Look at the product material

The material of the home sauna box must be both waterproof and thermal insulation material.

2. look at the heating system

The heating system of the home sauna box is mainly a heating film, a carbon fiber heating plate, and a carbon crystal heating plate. The best one is the carbon crystal heating plate, which is heated evenly and has a long service life.

3. Product workmanship

A good product, in addition to its own hardware facilities, also depends on the appearance of the product. Whether the appearance is exquisite is also an important determinant of the quality of the sauna box.

4. Enterprise strength

If it is wholesale customization, it is recommended to go to the factory to see the company's strength and qualifications. If it is a personal purchase, you also need to know the strength of the factory and the qualification of the product.

5. pre-sales and after-sales service

Many merchants talk about the function of the product when they sell it. When the product really has a problem, they will not solve it. Once the product has a problem, the after-sales attitude can see the development of the manufacturer. A regular manufacturer, if there is a problem with the product, contact the after-sales service, and the after-sales service will give a solution as soon as possible, rather than just shirk responsibility! So the reputation of a company is also very important!
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