How to choose a sauna room and a steam room

Is it better to install a sauna room in your own home, or a home steam room? Now people's awareness of health preservation has increased, and they are familiar with steaming. As long as they have the conditions, they will install a steam room at home. , and those without conditions are also creating conditions, nothing more than a smaller area and a simpler style, but how to choose?

Let’s talk about the sauna room first. There are two types of sauna rooms, one is called dry steaming and the other is called wet steaming. The difference is that dry steaming looks like a room with a wooden structure, and the wood used is the sauna board. The one that heats up is a sauna stove with a sauna stone in it, the wet steam is the one with water, and the one with water vapor in the room.

The steam room has a certain degree of similarity with the dry steam, and it also has a wooden structure, but there is no sauna stone or sauna stove. No need for inlet and outlet pipes.

Is it better to install a sauna room at home, or a home steam room?

Now that everyone has a certain understanding of the above, let's talk about whether a steam room or a sauna should be installed in the home.
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