How to choose a steam room?

1.see parameters

After the brand is determined, you must also choose the model that suits you. In this step, you need to look at the parameters of the steam room.

2.see heating system

According to the NASA report, 6-14 microns is the infrared band needed by the human body, and this value will cause the human cells to resonate. For a good heating system, the far-infrared band is strictly controlled in the 8-12 micron band, this band will have an effect on the human body, and there will be no radiation.

3.Far infrared band
At present, far-infrared heating plates and far-infrared heating tubes are commonly used.

4.heating plate

Commonly used are mica heating plates and graphene composite heating plates. From a technical point of view, graphene heating plates are more advanced, the frequency band is more stable, and the temperature rises faster and safer.

5.Heating pipe

The temperature rises faster than the heating plate, but the heating area is small.
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