How to decorate the sauna room?

1. The space of a single sauna room should be 5-6 square meters. If the hotel space is spacious enough, two small sauna rooms with different temperatures can be designed to meet the needs of hotel customers who do not pass the age and have different preferences. The sauna room should be connected to the toilet to improve convenience.

2. Use fireproof and waterproof materials on the walls. Usually raw wood or processed white pine is used. If a sauna stove is used, it should be surrounded by a wooden frame, and the metal part of the sauna stove cannot be exposed, otherwise it is easy to be scalded. Once the customer is scalded, it will bring a lot of trouble, if the hotel does not deal with it enough to make the customer satisfied.

3. Natural lighting. The sauna room should use natural lighting, which makes people feel more comfortable, can make the space brighter, and improve people's mood at the same time. If natural lighting is not possible, soft lighting should be used. The lamps and lanterns should be made of moisture-proof stainless steel, and moisture-proof work should be done to avoid the potential safety hazard of short circuit.

4. Warm colors. The color design is based on the use of warm colors as the main tone under the overall style of the hotel to maintain a unified tone. The sauna room is a relaxing space, and the warm colors make people feel more warm and comfortable.
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