How to design the uneven ceiling of the family custom steam room sauna room?

How to design the uneven ceiling of the family custom steam room sauna room?

Generally, families use a small room or a small attic, basement and other places to make a sauna, because these places are rarely used, and they become a place for rubbish when they are placed. So high today, what a waste of idleness!

Therefore, in the design of the steam room and sauna, it is easy to encounter many shapes of steam rooms, such as irregular, pentagon, sloping ceilings, and the ground sinks a lot more than ordinary ground. How to design it to look better in reality? Let's talk about flowers today!

Common ceilings are flat, the whole surface is inclined left or diagonally or front and rear, one side is high and the other side is high and other common situations! For the design of the steam room and sauna room, it also has to be designed according to the actual situation!

The ceiling is flat, it is needless to say, there is no problem with the normal ceiling, it can be directly designed to be flat, or the shape of the ceiling with side lights can be used, but the premise is that the height is enough, the normal standard is 2.5 meters high, and the ceiling is to be The shape of the lantern belt should be at least 2.3 meters. It is too short and can only be flattened!

For the ceiling with a slanted side, it is also common in the design of the steam room and sauna. It is often seen at the bottom of the stairs or in the attic of the top floor! The first consideration is the height, often the height is not enough, take the shortest side as a reference, because often the bottom of the stairs, the bottom of the stairs is also two meters high, so the specific height first, if the shortest ceiling is also two meters Fifth, it is very simple. To level the entire ceiling, just follow the flat ceiling. If the shortest one is only more than one meter or two meters, then you need to consider the reality. The house is relatively small, and if it is all leveled, it will be very short. , It can be designed in this way, that is, find the middle position on the ceiling, and measure the height to the ground is about 2.5, then take this as a point, level it up a section, and keep its inclination at the short end!

For the case where the ceiling is half high and half low, the sauna room should first look at the height. If the shortest side is more than 2.4 meters, it can be considered to be leveled directly. If the shortest side is less than two meters or this range, and the high one If one side is three meters or even higher, you can hang each flat ceiling at a place of 2.5 meters, so that the whole room is divided into two halves. of!
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