How to do a sauna_smartmak

1. Preparation before entering: usually go to the bathroom before entering the sauna, and then enter, because the temperature in the room is high, usually wear underwear or wrap a towel to enter.

2. The number of saunas: There is usually no mandatory standard, but it is recommended that most people do it about 3 times a week.

3. Time control: Generally, the sauna time is controlled within 45 minutes. Usually, there is an hourglass in the sauna to set the observation time.

4. Water replenishment: You can drink a glass of water when you are in the sauna, you can add water when you are in the sauna, or you can add water in advance or add water in time after steaming.

5. After leaving the sauna: After steaming the sauna, it is not easy to take a cold shower immediately. You should first wipe the sweat off your body with a towel, then sit still for a few minutes. After the body temperature cools down, rinse it off with lukewarm water, then take a shower.

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