How to have a private sauna?

To answer this question, first of all, you need to have a "big house", and secondly, you need to choose a sauna that suits you! Large space is the first choice to consider. In daily life, the demand for the area of ​​the house is very large, and the complexity of installation also varies according to the space. Not everyone's house has the conditions to customize the sauna room.

If the house is not big enough, don't worry about not being able to place the sauna, because the sauna can "retract"! As long as you give an open space, you can realize your sauna dream! What kind of sauna room to choose? The types of products can be roughly divided into two categories: standard products, which do not need to change the hard installation of the space, and can be placed according to the space.

The location, energy and space design are all integrated. Customized machine net area, shower room and sauna room are integrated design, sauna and shower are two elements that complement each other: the space is evenly distributed, making everything comfortable and practical. Saunas create a hot, dry environment with almost no humidity, which stimulates sweating and flushes toxins out of our bodies. A cold shower can be pleasant and invigorating when leaving the sauna. After feeling the comfort and relaxation of the sauna, you can enjoy the comfort of the shower, creating a new way of life, a space, and accomplish what you want!

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