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How to make a sauna? Notes on making a sauna

For a home sauna, you only need to build a small house. If you are an apartment or your own personal residence, I personally recommend volcanic stones that burn electricity. In this case, the effect is also very good. Compared with wood, it is more environmentally friendly. And the security is also quite high.

The working principle of the sauna room is to use the volcanic stone on the electric furnace heating furnace in the sauna room to increase the temperature of the volcanic stone and generate heat. When the humidity in the sauna room is not enough, you can add water to generate steam, which can adjust the dry humidity in the sauna room.

Choose the size of the sauna you want to make. Before you start planning the sauna you want to make, it's important to know how big you want your sauna to be. Because any of these factors determine the size of the room to accommodate the space that several people will occupy.

Prepare materials for the planned room size. Measure the size of the sauna room in the room you choose, use a tape measure to determine the length X width X height position, calculate the approximate requirements of the sauna board wood required for the sauna room according to the size of the room, and determine all the materials for assembly preparation after completion. .

Carry out the installation to establish the overall framework. The whole sauna room frame is constructed on the wall with wooden squares. It is necessary to ensure that the main frame of the whole room is strong, safe and firm.
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