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How To Prepare Your Sauna Site

What do you put under the barrel sauna?

We think there are a variety of materials that can be used as a base for a barrel sauna, but the most popular materials include concrete slabs, flagstones, wooden platforms, brick pavers, and compressed gravel. If your barrel sauna takes place in your home, any floor type is suitable, but carpeting is not recommended.

How do you prepare the floor for a barrel sauna?

You can properly dig out any loose soil until you reach firm ground. The area is then filled with small aggregate gravel and sand, and the foundation is properly compacted and leveled. A slight slope for drainage is desirable.

Does a sauna need a floor drain?

Some commercial saunas will have a floor drain so that the bather can remove excess water and use it for cleaning purposes. But a home sauna doesn't need a floor drain unless you use a water hose for cleaning. But we do not recommend rinsing with water, just dry it with a towel and air dry it.

Will the sauna get moldy?

Mold may form in the sauna if the room is poorly ventilated or has leaks and seepage. The best way to remove mold from a sauna is to regularly clean the product with bleach, followed by a scouring pad under running water.
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