How to use a portable steam sauna

How to use a portable steam sauna:

1. unfold the tub,

2. Unzip the tub, put in a chair, and close the zipper;

3. Add water to the white evaporator to the specified water level on the inner wall, connect the evaporator conduit to the evaporator and the bathtub (must be unobstructed), turn on the 220V-240V power supply, turn the timing knob to the required time position, and the evaporator starts to work. (Chinese herbal medicines or flowers can also be appropriately added to the evaporator, do not add acidic or alkaline substances);

4. The steam can enter the bath tub for 5-7 minutes, and then steam for 20-40 minutes;

5. After use, wipe a small amount of water in the tub and dry it for storage. Never put the evaporator in water or other liquids for cleaning;

6. The vaporizer alone can be used for facial beauty

The ten functions of the sauna box:

Unblock the meridians: It can relax the muscles and bones, open up the meridians of the human body, and promote the circulation of the body. It is effective for various types of wind pain.

Improve sleep: 20 minutes of bathing is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise. After bathing, you will enter a deep sleep, and you will feel relaxed and refreshed after waking up.

Improve cold hands and feet: It can promote blood circulation, improve the circulatory system of the human body, and make the blood circulation of the whole body good

Efficacy and working principle of steam steam bath: Efficacy and working principle of bath:

Deep cleaning: Water vapor can help replenish skin moisture, soften the stratum corneum, and make it easy to remove senescent cells, grease, dust and cosmetic residues accumulated on the skin surface. Water vapor can penetrate into the pores, and its warming effect can soften the dirt accumulated in the pores such as oil and cosmetic residues, and open the pores and sweat glands, so it is conducive to the discharge of various dirt, acne, and inflammatory substances. , to achieve the purpose of deep cleaning.

Massage effect: The water vapor sprayed has a certain impact force, which makes the skin vibrate slightly, and has a gentle massage effect on the nerve endings, which is beneficial to the emotional stability of the subject and the elimination of fatigue.

The portable steam sauna box can be used only as a steam sauna, or you can add Chinese herbal medicine to the steam generator, boil it, and the active ingredients in the Chinese medicine are carried by the steam and absorbed by the skin, which plays the role of health care and physical therapy.

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