How to use and maintain the sauna?

1. Before starting the sauna treatment, women need to remove makeup, take a brief warm bath, wash off body oil and dirt, and add appropriate amount of warm water, do not drink cold food or directly contact cold water; after far-infrared sauna treatment, it is not suitable to shower , and dry your body with a towel.
2. During sauna therapy, you should bring a bath towel into the sauna room, and people lie on the bath towel for sauna therapy. Take the towel with you when you leave the sauna, so you can use it next time.
3. The best use temperature is between 38°-42°, try not to exceed 55°; each dry steaming is suitable for no more than 40 minutes, and it can also be adjusted according to personal tolerance.
4. After the sauna room is used, it is recommended to open the sauna room door for 30 minutes to ventilate and circulate the air.
5. Do not hang dry clothes on the sauna stove to avoid fire.
6. Please refer to the instructions for use of the smartmak sauna.
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