How to use the home dry and wet sauna

Home saunas are generally controlled by thermostats inside and outside. What is the temperature of the sauna room?

The appropriate temperature of the sauna varies from person to person, but it is usually 80 to 85 degrees during dry steaming, and there are also higher temperatures. For wet steaming (steam room), the temperature is usually 45-60 degrees, and the setting of the thermostat can also be adjusted according to your own conditions. I prefer high temperature, so I adjust it to a higher temperature every time, but some people , especially for people who cannot be exposed to heat, the thermostat should be set lower.

The time setting of the thermostat also varies from person to person. The time I spend in the sauna is relatively short, just to relax, so the time set is short. However, when using it, it still depends on the personal situation at the time. Once I had a cold, I took a sauna, and then drank a lot of water. After 10 minutes of steaming, I sweated, and I felt much more comfortable the next day.

Sauna has many benefits, it can remove garbage, relax, and help sleep, but you should pay attention to the time and frequency of sauna bathing, not more than 3 times a week, adjust the time of individual sauna according to the temperature, and use the sauna room Remember to drink plenty of water while you are in the sauna and after you are done steaming to replenish the water lost in your body.
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