How to ventilate a basement sauna

Air volume requirements for the ventilation system of the sauna room in the basement: The most important thing in choosing a ventilation system in the basement is the size of the air volume. If the air volume is too small, it will not have enough effect on the overall air purification in the basement!

Therefore, it is recommended to choose according to the number of air changes to ensure that the air volume is sufficient for the indoor needs, which can replace the indoor air in a short time, dilute the indoor dirty air, reduce the density of microorganisms, and thus improve the indoor air quality;

The humidity of the sauna room in the basement is high, and the humidity in the air is normally 50-70%. If the humidity is too high, it will inhibit the human body from sweating, which will make the human body feel very uncomfortable in summer.

In addition, high humidity can also create conditions for mold to multiply. Therefore, it is suggested that the requirements for the dehumidification of the ventilation system should be strict. When using the fresh air system, an exhaust fan should also be used to assist the indoor air flow, thereby reducing the indoor humidity;

Because it is necessary to meet the air volume required in the room, it is bound to generate a certain amount of noise. If the noise is too large, it will inevitably affect the comfort of the room, so the requirements for noise also need to be paid attention to.
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