Infrared saunas are good for human health

So why would you want to rest under an infrared lamp whose temperature is still close to the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth?

Improve heart health

Within a few minutes of sitting in an infrared sauna, your body begins to respond naturally. Sweat beads appear on your skin. Your blood vessels widen and increase blood flow. Your heart beats faster. Infrared saunas can help promote heart health and lower blood pressure. The researchers equated the physical response of an infrared sauna session to walking at a moderate pace.

soothe sore muscles

Infrared saunas improve blood circulation and help speed up muscle recovery after physical activity. Regular use can even help athletes improve their performance.

relief the pain

The researchers found that infrared sauna therapy "could be a promising treatment for chronic pain." The decision comes after a two-year study in which people showed improved outcomes with the treatment.


Warming your body seems to warm your soul as well. Setting aside some sauna time may help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. Basically, think of it as a meditation in warm temperatures.

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