Is a day in the sauna good for you? look here

If you take a sauna every day, in a high temperature environment, the deep layers of the skin will have a certain effect, which will cause the capillaries to expand, and the waste in the body can be discharged, which is also beneficial to the health of the body. After repeated steam washing, the blood vessels can be continuously contracted and expanded, which can prevent arteriosclerosis. In addition, because the sauna is completed in a static high temperature state, it can also help lose weight, consume fat in the body, and for some beauty-loving female friends, it will also improve the permeability of the skin, so that Bring beauty and beauty effect, can further delay skin aging.

Sauna has the effect of removing fatigue, dirt, cold and dampness, but don’t use sauna every day, it should be moderate. Moderate sauna is good for the body. It is recommended to do it once a week, half an hour each time. A certain detoxification and beauty effect, can make the skin smooth, delicate and elastic. Sauna can promote the body's metabolism, accelerate the excretion of toxins, and also have the effect of losing weight.

Sauna is a good habit. Taking a steam bath or sauna once a week can also help speed up your metabolism and detoxify your skin. However, pay attention to drinking water when taking a sauna. Drinking a glass of water before bathing can help speed up detoxification, and drinking a glass of water after bathing can rehydrate and flush out remaining toxins. In addition, do not apply moisturizing oil on the skin when taking the sauna, so as not to block the pores that are finally opened and affect the detoxification effect.
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