Is a home steam room practical?

Is a home steam room necessary? Is it practical?
To sum up briefly, the benefits of sweat steaming on the human body are divided into: beauty and beauty, weight loss and dehumidification, and expelling cold, so sweat steaming is suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

For beauty-loving women, the body excretes a lot of sweat when steaming. At this time, the pores are completely opened, and the toxins and wastes inside can also be discharged, which can improve acne-prone skin, dull skin, pigmentation and other conditions, so as to make your skin healthier. .

For obese people, the heat and fat in the body will be slowly consumed during steaming, and at the same time, the moisture in the body can also be eliminated.

For people with cold body (cold hands and feet), when sweating, the cold energy in the body will also be eliminated with sweat. After the cold energy is eliminated, the yang energy will rise. After a period of persistence, the cold hands and feet will gradually disappear. Everyone is in the spirit.
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