Is a sauna better than a steam room?

There is a difference between the steam room and the sauna room:

Sauna simply uses water vapor to warm and perspire, while sweat steaming uses the principle of infrared reflection of electric gemstones to release negative ions.

Sweat steaming activates water molecules and increases the oxygen content of the body. Far-infrared rays can resonate water molecules and become independent water molecules, so cells can rejuvenate and improve the microcirculation system. Independent water molecules can freely enter and leave between cells. .

Then through the resonance resonance, it is converted into heat energy, and the temperature of the deep subcutaneous layer is slightly increased, which has the effect of promoting blood circulation, reducing pain in the bones and joints. Far infrared can purify the blood, promote metabolism, and reduce the burden on the liver and kidneys.

The sauna room is heated by water into water vapor, and the water vapor contacts the human skin to increase the temperature of the skin, thereby achieving the health care effect of accelerating the discharge of sweat. Generally, it needs to be heated to about 60 degrees. The steam room is where people are in the tourmaline energy room.

Through the action of super far-infrared rays and biological light waves, the cells of the human body are resonated and blood circulation is accelerated. to promote metabolism.
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