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Is a spa as good as a sauna? look here

Many people think that sauna and steaming are the same thing. In fact, there are many differences between sauna and steaming. Professionals point out that the difference between the two is mainly reflected in three aspects: different principles, different environments, and different steps. Not the same, everyone should try their best to do sweat steaming when they have time.

The difference between doing spa and sauna massage is: different methods, different temperatures, and different effects.

1. Different ways

1. Doing spa: Doing spa is to use water resources to combine bathing, massage, smearing skin care products and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, and satisfy human vision, taste, touch, smell and thinking to achieve a pleasant physical and mental enjoyment.

2. Sauna massage: Sauna massage is a process of physical therapy on the human body with steam in a closed room.

Second, the temperature is different

1. Do spa: do spa water temperature is about 36-42 ℃.

2. Do sauna massage: The indoor temperature of sauna massage can reach above 60 ℃.
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