Is a steam room better than a sauna?

The portable steam sauna room is characterized in that the hollow bag-shaped sauna room is made of waterproof fabric, the bottom surface of the sauna room is a plane, the top surface is an inclined surface, the middle part is connected to the steam engine through a pipeline, and the top surface is provided with a neck accommodating hole.

There are two types of home saunas: according to whether it is a water sauna, it is divided into: dry sauna, wet sauna. According to different heating principles, saunas are divided into: steam sauna, far-infrared sauna.

Dry steam room sauna room: It uses electric heating equipment-sauna furnace to directly heat electric energy, which will release heat to increase the temperature in the room and make people sweat.

The process of taking a sauna
Generally, take a warm bath first to prepare, and then you can enter the steam room for sauna cleaning after changing the sauna suit. You can control the sauna time according to your own heat resistance, and you can walk out of the bathroom to cool down after the whole body is hot.
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