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Are outdoor barrel saunas good?

Many people like to go to the outdoor sauna to take a sauna. Sauna has many benefits for our body. Sauna can expel toxins from our body and eliminate physical fatigue. 

Combined principle: Less energy is used to heat the room due to the efficient use of air space. Additionally, the thick red cedar wood slats are excellent insulators, keeping the exterior of the sauna cool even on top of the sauna.

A barrel sauna does not require a lot of space and is easy to clean. If you are a frequent visitor to public saunas or frequently rent a sauna, a barrel sauna can save you money.

The advantages of the wooden barrel sauna are: long heat preservation time, no cooling for 3 hours, environmental protection, health care, the sauna has a unique flavor, good heat preservation performance, small requirements for bathroom space, and easy to move, and the barrel bathtub is generally deep , can increase the contact surface of the body and make people more relaxed.

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