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Is an infrared sauna at home easy to use?

Far-infrared sauna room is a sauna room that uses infrared rays as a heat source, and it is a new type of sauna room equipment. People go to the sauna to relax and let themselves get rid of physical fatigue. Far infrared saunas have more advantages than traditional saunas, so they are used in many beauty places, bathing centers, fitness centers, resorts, hotels, etc. There is use.

Far-infrared rays are a kind of invisible light. Although the development of the effect on the human body is relatively late, it has been proved that it is closely related to the physiological reflection of the human body, especially the 5.6-15 μm band beam, which produces physiological activation on the human body and helps to improve the human body’s self-esteem. The ability to regulate has attracted great attention from the medical community and is widely used in medical treatment, and is called "fertility light" by experts.

The benefits of an infrared sauna

Twenty minutes in any type of sauna can help you relax and relieve sore muscles. The manufacturer claims that 80% of the heat produced by an infrared sauna directly heats your body. This means the heat penetrates deeper into your skin, and you may be able to tolerate a longer infrared sauna session.

Several studies have looked at the effects of regular infrared sauna baths and found that deep penetration of infrared heat accelerates muscle recovery, with significant benefits for athletes or those who are physically active. Other studies in Japan and South Korea have reported that infrared sauna therapy can improve chronic health conditions.
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