Is it cheaper to build your own sauna?

1. First of all, according to the size of the bathroom, install a wooden floor or a high and low deck (to make space for the bathtub or shower area); in the choice of wood, it is necessary to ensure anti-corrosion, durability and non-deformation, and it is recommended to choose hemlock and red cedar wood.

2. A sauna stove, sauna stone and insulation cotton are needed to build a sauna room;

3. Finally, don't forget to leave an air outlet on the light body wall of the bathroom, so as to ensure the normal circulation of air in the bathroom.

After building, the correct way to open the sauna room: you need to burn the sauna stone in the sauna furnace, and then pour water on it to form steam in the whole space, so that you can enjoy the sauna at home.

But this traditional sauna method has its own drawbacks: the steam generated by the burning of the sauna stone can easily dry people and make it difficult to breathe for a long time.

Therefore, in addition to using sauna stones to create sauna steam effects, with the advancement of technology and life, more and more families use electric sauna radiators, gas sauna radiators or infrared saunas.
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