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Is it good to do an infrared sauna every day?

Far infrared sweat steaming is generally not possible every day. Infrared sweat steaming can reduce stress, soothe the nerves and calm the mind. During the steaming process, the pores will be opened, which can remove toxins and dirt from the body. Time sweating will also bring symptoms such as fatigue to the body, so it is more appropriate to sweat once a week. After steaming, take a shower in time to avoid sweat stains staying on the body surface for a long time.

If you sweat every day, it may cause a lot of fluid loss. If you don't rehydrate in time, it may even cause electrolyte imbalance. Therefore, it is not recommended for patients to sweat every day.

It may cause local burns on the skin, orange peel, dead skin, yellow skin and other undesirable phenomena. But twice a week should be able to achieve the best results. It can speed up blood circulation, increase muscle flexibility, strengthen cardiorespiratory endurance, and remove deep skin dirt and mites, which is of great benefit to women.

If rehydration is not carried out in time, it may also cause electrolyte imbalance, so try not to use far-infrared sweat steaming every day, especially for some weak patients, some patients with underlying diseases, frequent sweating, and possibly It can raise blood pressure, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Generally speaking, it is enough to sweat twice a week. It is recommended to replenish water in time when sweating.
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