Is it good to use sauna and steam room?

How does the sauna center supply steam in a large area of ​​the sauna area? The traditional sauna uses a coal-fired boiler to generate high-temperature steam to supply steam to the sauna room. This method not only consumes energy but also causes pollution, and the thermal efficiency of this coal-fired boiler is also low. Large-scale sauna centers cannot provide customers with services. Supply sufficient steam in time.

Anyone who has been there knows that there will be an exclusive sauna room in the sauna, and we will perform the sauna process in it. Sauna room is also called sweat room. It includes dry steam room and wet steam room. The dry steam room is what we often call the sauna room, while the wet steam room is the steam room. The steam inside will make us It feels wet like being in water.

Sauna originated in Finland, and traditional saunas are made by burning mineral stones and splashing water on them to generate steam. However, with the development of our technology, modern saunas use far-infrared and negative ions to achieve The efficacy of the sauna. There are many benefits it can bring us. People who are losing weight, people who are prone to illness and people with a lot of toxins on their bodies, and people with heavy body moisture are all suitable for taking a sauna. Sauna has a good effect on these.

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