Is it possible to have a sauna outside?

Can the sauna be outdoors?

No space? Whether it's in the living room, balcony, study, bedroom, bathroom or outdoors, just one national standard three-pin socket can instantly turn on your sauna.

Generally, anti-corrosion wood is used outdoors, and it is specially treated for insect resistance and mildew resistance, so it can be placed outdoors. So, how to choose an outdoor sauna?

1. Pay attention to selecting materials that have undergone high temperature treatment and infrared drying, and have been treated with six-sided paint to ensure the airtightness of the sauna.

2. The size of the sauna furnace is related to the generation of steam, and it is more appropriate to choose a household furnace with suitable power and space area.

3. Sauna lights must be waterproof and explosion-proof to protect bathers from harm.

4. Thermometers and timers cannot be ignored, and the quality must be guaranteed.

5. There should be handles on both sides of the door of the sauna room to facilitate people's entry and exit.
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