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Like sweating? Then turn the bathroom into a sauna and steam it at home every day

Like sweating? Then turn the bathroom into a sauna and steam it at home every day

I am a person who likes steaming very much. I don’t know much about health preservation, but I simply feel that steaming is really comfortable. I bought a two-bathroom apartment at home. When I think about it, I feel that the bathroom in the master bedroom is really not very useful. Therefore, I decided to change the bathroom of the master bedroom into a steam room, and thus summed up some experience in making a steam room.

Steaming must be accompanied by a shower, so we can't change the entire bathroom into a steaming room. We need to make a partition near the door of the bathroom (the method of this partition, I will talk about it below), the outer part is used for showering, and the inner part is steamed. If the bathroom is relatively large, you can also put a wash basin or toilet in the shower. Once guests come to the house, you don't have to rush for the bathroom in the morning.

Pay special attention to the door of the bathroom. Since the shower is next to the door, splashing water on the door is inevitable. Wooden doors are definitely not an option, and metal doors are also recommended to be installed outside the threshold stone. Then install a shower curtain inside the door to prevent more water from spraying on the door. (If the bathroom is relatively large, you can also do the following layout)

Even in the steam room, the requirements for waterproofing are no lower than that of ordinary sanitary wet areas. The ground is all waterproof, and the wall waterproofing is also recommended to be 1.8m high.

There is no need to say more about the waterway, just install the water outlet in the corresponding position (it is recommended to reserve a set of cold and hot water in the steam room). The wires on the circuit should be thicker, and the power of the steamer should not be low. At the same time, be sure to place the wires under the waterproof layer to prevent the high temperature and water from eroding the pipes.

The location of the floor drain should be emphasized: we should put the floor drain in the shower area, which is the position of the door. Correspondingly, the slope of the ground should also leak water to the door to ensure the dryness of the steam room as much as possible.

Just decorate the walls and floors like ordinary bathrooms, leveling and tiling. There is no need to do the ceiling of the ceiling, but it is necessary to ensure that the top does not go through the pipeline, especially on the steam room.

After the tiles are laid, the steam room can be officially started: the sauna wood is placed on the walls, roof and floor of the steam area (same as the wooden floor and ceiling, the keel can be installed) - the so-called "" Sauna wood" is a specially treated solid wood, which has strong high temperature resistance and water resistance. Sauna wood is generally divided into white pine, red pine and cedar, among which the cheapest white pine is the most cost-effective.

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