Most people like dry sauna, why?

Most people like dry saunas, so why?

1. Dry steaming is better than wet steaming air. Although the temperature of dry steaming is high, the air is sufficient and the oxygen loss is not large, so people will not be stuffy inside. The wet steaming room is different, and moisture will absorb oxygen. , so the oxygen in the room will be insufficient, people will feel stuffy in it, so the breathing will not be very smooth, so it is normal to not like it.

2. In terms of experience, dry steaming is more comfortable than wet steaming. Dry steaming is dry air. Just like Xinjiang in my country, although it is hot, sweating evaporates quickly, so it does not feel very hot. People are steaming inside. There is not much feeling, the steam room is different, the humidity is high, the water is high, and people sweating are not easily evaporated. Similar to the summer in southern my country, such as Hubei, it is like being in a stuffy furnace, which is quite uncomfortable. So wet steaming is not as good as dry steaming!

3. People who experience saunas like dry steaming, so the store must also cater to the market and make things that consumers like, so more people install dry steaming.
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