Nine benefits of a sauna

9 Benefits of Sauna

1. Relieve brain fatigue (in fact, the brain uses the least when people are concentrating, and the brain is the most tired when they don’t think about anything, so those who seem to think about nothing all day are the most tired)

2. Improve decision-making and concentration

Alpha waves: relax waves, b waves: increased tension to activity

3. Increase Inspiration

4. Emotional stability

5. Improvement of sleep quality: the greater the temperature difference between the deep temperature and the peripheral temperature, the more sleepy the person is

6. Deal with aging proteins and prevent blood sugar levels from rising

7. Feeling sensitized. Taste, touch, smell, five senses become more sensitive, food tastes better after sauna

8. Better blood flow, relieve muscle fatigue, reduce inflammation in the body, sauna and Hiit have the same effect

9. Skin gets better
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