Outdoor Sauna - Introduction of Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor sauna - what is the main function of the sauna
The sauna places the human body in the hot and humid air, which accelerates the blood circulation and metabolism, thereby improving the functions of the whole body tissues and organs, including the brain, heart, liver, spleen, muscles and skin. It enables all the tissues and organs of the body to obtain nutrients and oxygen from the blood, especially for those with heavy physical and mental labor, it can quickly eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, and have unexpected effects on the improvement of sexual function.

Outdoor sauna room - outdoor sauna room structure
The sauna room adopts a closed form, and the imported sauna room is made of high temperature treatment. The white pine has straight texture and tight wood, which is easy to dry, but the price is high. Domestic saunas are generally made of fir. Fir has straight grain, tough and durable, easy to process and moderate price.

The sauna room can be designed with random size and irregularity according to the needs. The home sauna room can accommodate two or three people. The room is equipped with a one-piece designed wooden bed, which can be reclined and seated. The main accessories of the sauna room are, sauna stove, sauna lamp, volcanic stone, wooden bucket spoon, thermometer, timer and so on.

Since the sauna room is a combined structure, there is no need for prior requirements for civil construction, and it can be dismantled and easily transported to another place for placement. For a soothing sauna effect, the sauna should be mixed with the right ratio of hot and cold air.

Another cause of overwind is to receive the air around the heater and transfer the heat to the far side of the room. The center of the air inlet and outlet of the air is placed in the center of the room. The air inlet of the sauna room should be installed directly on the wall below the electric heater. When the operation is forced to pass the wind, the air inlet should be installed 60cm above the electric heater or on the ceiling above the electric heater.

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