outdoor infrared saunas

Can an infrared sauna be used outdoors?

When buying a sauna, people often ask: Can an infrared sauna be placed outdoors? Infrared saunas are designed for indoor environments. But in order not to be affected by the weather, they can be placed outdoors if the protocol is followed.

How much does an outdoor infrared sauna cost?

How much does an infrared sauna cost? The price of an infrared sauna depends on the type of sauna, the quality of the wood and equipment, the size of the unit and extra features. Entry-level units start at $2,000, and high-quality mid-range saunas start around $3,000 to $10,000.

Is an infrared sauna better than a regular sauna?

If you follow wellness trends, you may find the saying that an infrared sauna that heats your body with light is better for you than a traditional sauna that uses a stove to radiate heat. In short, this claim is a myth, not supported by any strong comparative evidence.

Do infrared saunas work?

Studies in athletes have shown that heat heals faster, so infrared saunas may be suitable for use in conjunction with good nutritional intake, sleep, and massage. As an alternative to medication, it could be one of the tools for people with chronic, difficult-to-treat pain, a study suggests.

Do infrared saunas consume electricity?

For example, a 1000 watt sauna, running for an hour, will typically use 1 kWh of electricity - which in the US will cost you about 12 cents. As you can see, the cost of running an infrared sauna is relatively low—most people use the sauna for an hour a day and use less than $5 a week in electricity.
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