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Do and don'ts after sauna?

Drink at least one full glass of water before and after using a sauna, to avoid dehydration. Don't drink alcohol before, during, or after sauna use. Don't use recreational drugs before, during, or after sauna use. Don't eat a large meal prior to using a sauna.

What should you not do before a sauna?

At least an hour and a half after a meal do not enter the sauna. It is not recommended to use sauna directly after physical exercise, you should rest for at least 30 minutes. It is highly recommended not to enter sauna after drinking alcohol or taking other (il)legal substances.

Is it OK to sauna everyday?

Most facilities that offer infrared sauna treatments recommend using the sauna three to four days per week. If you are healthy and tolerate the four days, you can use the sauna daily.

Should you shower after sauna?

Cooling off after the sauna is important because you can catch a cold if you sweat too much. Sauna-goers should leave enough time to cool down before warming up again. If you can, don't have a shower straight after the sauna. It's better for the body if you cool off in the fresh air first.

How long after sauna can I shower?

And even here, there are some rules to follow. According to the classic Finnish method, there is a short bath in ice-cold water, which can be replaced by a shower in cold or lukewarm water, waiting at least two minutes after leaving the sauna.
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