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Planning And Building Your Sauna Room

Planning your room size

Within reason, try to keep your room smaller rather than larger. After allowing for the depth of each bench, you should then plan on space for your heater, plus an area of 4" around the front, and two sides for the fence guard.

A smaller room will also permit using a smaller heater, smaller circuit breakers in your panel, and provide more efficient heating.

The upper and lower benches are the main components you will use to sit and lay down in the sauna. Remember that most sauna users like to stretch out on the upper and lower benches, so try to have the main bench wall 6 feet or longer.

Planning the Sauna Room Layout:
Plan the size of your room -- saunas can be virtually any size or shape. Hint: If you enjoy lying down in your sauna, allow 6' in at least one direction.

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