portable steam sauna set up

The portable steam sauna unit is easy to assemble and takes about 10 minutes to start producing steam even at the highest temperature. I've also added essential oils for a more soothing treatment, and it seems that everyone doesn't like this chair. Left in there for about 15-20 minutes with two bottles of water and a towel. (Def recommended - because you'll sweat!)

All in all, very good product. Use it in the comfort and privacy of your own BIG PLUS home! ! ! I'm very privacy conscious and I found using the public gym sauna especially uncomfortable. during the epidemic.

If you are like me, I research products before buying. Steam saunas have many health benefits, from detoxing the skin, lowering blood pressure, and clearing the sinuses. I also have psoriasis and I find it helps calm me down. I know I didn't list many other benefits. Do your research!

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