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Precautions for home steam sauna

Can I bring my phone into the steam room?

don't bring your iPhone or Android phone into the sauna. They will break. If they are not damaged, your phone warranty will be void. Even an IP68-rated phone cannot operate in temperatures above 35 degrees.

What should the first sauna or steam room do?

While there is no hard and fast rule as to which is best to use first, some people prefer to start with the sauna and finish with the steam room. Either way, it is proper etiquette and safest to take a quick shower and drink a glass of water between meetings.

What should I do after the steam room?
What about after steaming? “Stay in the steam room for 15 minutes. Then take a hot to cold shower.

Why can't swimsuits be worn in the sauna?

Not allowing your skin to breathe means you're absorbing more heat than you need, which can lead to dehydration. PVC fabrics melt when overheated. It can also release toxic fumes and chemicals. Remember to wear swimsuits made of natural materials.

Who shouldn't use a steam room?

It's also unwise to work out in a steam room, as this will further raise your core temperature. Pregnant women and women with certain heart conditions should avoid steam rooms entirely. If you're not sure if a steam room is safe for you, talk to your doctor.
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