Principle of stone heating in sauna room

The power is generally 220w. It is a dry steam oven. General heating can be. Sauna stone generally has about five sets of heating wires in each dry steam furnace. Fotan stone generates heat through the heating wire. its service life).

Under normal circumstances, it is best to splash water on the sauna stone every 15-20 minutes. The water can be sprayed by hand or installed with a sprinkler. The sprinkler should preferably use a small-hole sprinkler. Do not use it when the temperature of the sauna stone increases. Use barrels. Splash the pot with water, and turn off the dry steam oven immediately when no one is using it.

How to use the stones in the sauna:

First, burn the stone with fire, then pour cold water on it, so that the stone is heated unevenly and then bursts. Then, wood chips or wedges are inserted into the cracks and knocked, so as to knock apart the large stones. If further processing is required, use an axe chisel. Glass also has corresponding properties. Pour hot water into a thicker glass container, and the glass will crack due to thermal expansion and contraction.
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