Private sauna room customization

How long does it take to customize a sauna room?
Since all our saunas and steam rooms are all hand-made, not mechanized mass production, the production cycle is slightly longer. Under normal circumstances, it takes 10-15 days to produce a sauna room and steam room. In busy cases, it may take 20-30 days.

The quality of our special products is exactly the same as that of the customized products. The customized products are extracted from the most common specifications and sizes, which is conducive to mass production by workers, thereby saving costs. At the same time, in order to improve the traffic and reputation of the store, we carried out There is a large profit margin, so the price will be more favorable.

Of course, in this case, basically: First, the customer has special needs, and second, the construction is difficult. If there is a slope, it is necessary to dig holes, wrap windows, wrap corners, etc. Based on the above reasons, the custom-made The price is a bit more expensive than the specials.
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