Q&A about the panoramic outdoor sauna

What is a panoramic sauna?

This sauna is equipped with large glass, allowing you to see the beautiful view outside from inside the sauna.

Do you need planning permission for an outdoor sauna?

Outbuildings, such as sheds to accommodate outdoor saunas, are considered permitted for development and therefore do not require planning permission.

Is an outdoor barrel sauna good?

Outdoor barrel saunas are very effective

Due to the efficient use of air space, the energy used to heat the room is reduced. Additionally, the thick red cedar wood slats are excellent insulators, keeping the outside of the sauna cool even on top of the sauna.

How long can an outdoor sauna last?

We choose the highest quality cedar for its proven weather resistance and weather resistance. Cedar is the best wood choice for extending outdoor living. With proper care and maintenance, your cedar sauna should last 15-20 years.

Where should you put your sauna in your home?

Most people have enough room for a sauna. They may have enough room to accommodate enough people to accommodate them. A backyard shed, deck or ADU can also be a great place for a sauna. Basically, any space that can use a proper heat source and a proper floor can be used.

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