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Questions about sauna rooms and sauna stones

1. Sauna supplies can not buy small and cheap inferior ones. Such as sauna stone: If you buy inferior artificial sauna stone, it will not only damage the heating equipment of the sauna room, but also threaten personal safety. If artificial stones cannot withstand high temperatures, they can crack and hurt people. Never use a sauna stove without a sauna stone, as this can cause a fire.

2. Sauna is no more than 2 times a week, each time no more than 1 hour, because long-term use of sauna will not be effective, but will be counterproductive. Excessive use of saunas can damage male fertility, so watch the frequency.

3. Use time. It is best to take a sauna within 2 hours after a meal, because after a meal, especially within half an hour after a meal. Immediately taking a sauna, the blood vessels of the skin will expand, and a large amount of blood will flow back to the skin, affecting the blood supply of the digestive organs, and will definitely affect the digestion and absorption of food, which is harmful to health.

4. When opening the sauna room, be sure to check the sauna room before opening the sauna room to ensure that there are no sundries around the electric heater in the sauna room. If you have ever used a sauna stove electric heater, electric heaters and sauna stones may produce some odors, so make sure the sauna is well ventilated.

When buying, you should go to the regular store to choose, so as to better guarantee the cost performance. In addition, we have professionals to introduce you. It has good after-sales service, so you don't have to worry about future use.
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