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Questions about sauna stoves

Can you make a sauna with a wood stove?

Can you use a wood stove in a sauna? Some homeowners are concerned about using wood-burning stoves in their saunas, arguing it could pose a fire risk. However, sauna wood-burning stoves are a safe and traditional option for heating your sauna.

What is a good sauna stove?

The hallmark of a good wooden sauna stove is that the chimney has almost no smoke after the sauna has heated up. All of our recommended heaters are capable of achieving this milestone when used properly. The rock capacity and length of the firewood is also far more important than most people realize.

How long does it take for a wood stove sauna to heat up?

The wood fire sauna takes a while to heat up. The ideal temperature is 176-194°F. Depending on size and conditions, you need to use it 30-60 minutes before your scheduled use.

What wood burns in a sauna?

Recommended fuel wood types: oak, birch, maple, ash, ash box, tin. Recommended building wood types: cedar, oak, aspen, pine, hemlock, spruce. Trees that contain sap may emit smoke or burning liquid when ignited and should be avoided.
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