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Questions and Answers About Sauna

What can I use on the outdoor sauna floor?

Most outdoor saunas are set up on concrete slabs, pavers, tiles or decks, or plywood over pressure-treated wood. The wooden base does make it easier for you to transfer the sauna to another location.

What is the best floor for a sauna?

Concrete coated with polyurea becomes the solution that meets all four criteria: it creates non-porous, non-absorbent floors in saunas, spas, steam rooms and wet rooms.

Can you use pressure-treated wood in a sauna?

Pressure-treated wood should never be used in a sauna. Pressure-treated wood is treated with various chemicals that emit toxic fumes when heated. It can be used outdoors or at the bottom of a sauna, but is only recommended for outdoor use.

What category is a sauna?

There are four different types of saunas: traditional Finnish saunas, dry saunas, steam baths (also known as Turkish baths) and infrared saunas. Every sauna experience is different.
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