Sauna choose dry steam or wet steam

Dry steam rooms generally use electric heating equipment. After the electric energy is heated by the sauna furnace, a large amount of heat is released, so that the temperature of the whole room is raised, and the human body is heated and sweated. The temperature of dry steaming is higher than that of wet steaming, which can reach about 100°, because dry steaming does not contain moisture, which is especially suitable for patients with rheumatism and rheumatoid. , it will be relatively more comfortable, but after drying, the skin will become dry and need to be rehydrated.

The wet steam room is to boil water to generate steam, and then use the installed pipes to distribute it. Because the steam generated has abundant moisture, the temperature is generally controlled at about 50°, and most girls will choose wet steam. Wet steaming can make your skin more rosy and hydrated.

After understanding the dry steam room and the wet steam room, you will have a certain understanding of how to choose. From the point of view of human physiotherapy, the dry steam room is better than the wet steam room. Since the wet steam room contains a lot of moisture in the air, the temperature in the city cannot continue to rise. As the temperature rises, the humidity in the air will continue to increase. big.
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