Sauna common sense Introduction of sauna supplies and sauna

sauna box

Sauna box, also known as sauna barrel, sports perspiration machine, originated in Western Europe, and was later introduced to the mainland through Hong Kong. It is a new beauty and health care product that has appeared in recent years. Because it is easy to fold, store and use, it has gradually won the favor of the masses. Its function is to use the principle of thermal therapy to achieve the effects of dredging the meridians, increasing blood circulation, detoxifying and beautifying the face.


The sauna room is also called the steam room, which originated in Finland. It includes a dry steam room and a wet steam room, but people usually say that the sauna room is a dry steam room, and the steam room is a wet steam room. Traditional saunas use burning mineral stones and splashing water on them to generate steam, while modern ones use far-infrared and negative ions to achieve the effect of saunas. Sauna rooms have various functions such as weight loss, detoxification, and rheumatism, which are very popular among consumers.

sauna stone

The function of the sauna stone is to store enough energy when heated, so that the water sprinkled on the sauna stone can effectively evaporate the water and maintain the correct humidity in the sauna room. Sauna stones are mainly two kinds of rocks and volcanic stones on the market. Compared with rocks, volcanic stones have a longer lifespan. They can not only withstand rapid heating and cooling, but also store a lot of heat. They are ideal sauna stones for sauna rooms. Volcanic stone (commonly known as pumice or porous basalt) is a functional environmentally friendly material. It is a very precious porous stone formed by volcanic glass, minerals and air bubbles after a volcanic eruption.


Sauna, because it can not only relieve fatigue, but also have many benefits to people's health, sauna is rapidly popular all over the world. Sauna is a deep-cleaning bathing method in the world. Although steam sauna originated in Finland, it has been widely used in large, medium and small cities, and even many families are equipped with sauna rooms. The popularity of sauna All because it has many advantages:

dredge the meridians

It can relax the muscles and bones, open up the meridians of the human body, and promote the circulation of the body. It is effective for various rheumatic pains.

Blood purification and detoxification

Can improve human metabolism. Promote blood circulation, help to eliminate waste and liver and kidney toxins from the body.
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