Sauna experience sharing

Sauna is a process of detoxification. In the high temperature, you will sweat a lot. When you sweat, you will feel that your mouth is dry and you need to drink water. This cycle can open your pores and detoxify. Occasionally taking a sauna can relieve fatigue and allow oneself to detoxify and detoxify. After the moisture is discharged, you will feel refreshed and refreshed.

If you're used to the sauna life and ready for your own, the last thing you need to learn is how to use it. In order to fully enjoy the health benefits of a hot room, there is a ritual and technique that must be followed.

First, you want to keep your sauna super clean, which means all bathers should shower before entering. , why do we mention it helps to build a sauna a bit closer to an indoor or outdoor shower).

Although it is Jewish custom to sit naked in a sauna, you should always place a towel between your skin and the wooden bench - consider this an opportunity to decorate your sauna. The suggested rhythm for the sauna is to heat up indoors for 10 to 15 minutes, then cool off in the outdoor shower, or jump right into the nearby icy lake like a true Finn.
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