Sauna health knowledge

Dry steaming or wet steaming can be done after swimming. Dry steaming or wet steaming can be done after swimming. Generally, it depends on personal preference and physique. The time of sauna steaming varies from person to person. When swimming, the body is always soaked in water. It is easy to cause moisture intrusion. Dry steaming is conducive to perspiration and helps to expel moisture. In addition, swimming will consume a lot of fat, and dry steaming after swimming helps to better discharge excess fat.

But the skin is dry after steaming. Many people choose wet steaming after swimming, because wet steaming requires boiling water to make it generate steam. There is a lot of water in the steam, and the skin will be more tender and rosy after steaming. When steaming in the sauna, by evaporating the hot air, the pores can be expanded, thereby effectively expelling toxins and pore secretions, thereby promoting blood circulation and metabolism, and relaxing the muscles of various parts of the body to achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength. It is not advisable to immediately after swimming After taking a sauna, just after swimming, people are still in a state of fatigue, and their muscles are tense and weak, and the body is seriously dehydrated. Immediately taking a sauna will easily reduce the body’s tolerance to cold and hot stimulation, causing collapse and even dizziness. Therefore, after swimming, it is best to Sufficiently replenish the lost water in the body, rest 15 minutes before taking the sauna, generally speaking, the sauna time can be controlled within 15-40 minutes.

Before entering the sauna room, wash the whole body with warm water and soap, and then enter the sauna room. In the bathroom, the closer you are to the ground, the lower the temperature, the higher the ground, the higher the temperature, according to your own constitution and tolerance, take a bath You can choose to sit or lie down at different heights. Generally, after 3 minutes, the temperature of the bath slowly rises, and the body begins to sweat. Wait 10 minutes after the bath, and then enter the cold water bath, usually after 10 minutes, enter the cold water bath, after a period of time When you don't feel cold, you will feel very cold, and then lie down and rest.

Take care to stay hydrated while you are in the sauna, drink a glass of water before bathing and drink a glass of water after bathing.. don’t put moisturizer on your skin while you are in the sauna to avoid clogging your pores. When in the sauna, if you feel dizzy and have difficulty breathing, be sure to leave the sauna immediately and drink some sugary or salty beverages to avoid shock. Can a steam sauna lose weight every day?

When you take a sauna, the sweat from the sauna will make the sauna wet and help you lose weight. But the effect of losing weight only in this way is not obvious. The sweat after sauna is not actually fat burning, but the evaporation of body water, but on the other hand, sauna steaming can promote the body's metabolism and help lose weight and lose weight. Sauna does make you sweat, but sweating doesn't mean losing weight. A sauna is a small house that uses an electric stove to heat the air, creating a high temperature and dry environment, which in addition to calming and congesting muscles and joints, can also make the body sweat a lot. Weight loss often occurs after a sauna, mainly due to the loss of water from the body through sweating.
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