Sauna installation steps and matters needing attention

1. Select a suitable installation location. Due to the constraints of the structure of the family home and the living environment, it is impossible to find a square room like a business. Generally, family steam rooms choose idle areas. Examples: attics, stairwells, part of basement nooks or balconies, and some remodeled bathrooms or cloakrooms. The area where it is located should not only consider ventilation and exhaust, but also consider waterproof isolation, frequency of use and the division of nearby functional areas. Generally, household steam rooms are used by family members or relatives and friends, so the location should be selected in a suitable space for installation.

2. If the installation of the domestic steam room is mobile, you can assemble it yourself. After unpacking, you can find the instruction manual, and then splicing the base, the rear wall panel, the left and right wall panels, and the bench board in sequence as needed, and then connect the heating wire on the bench board. Install the front panel, then close the top cover and connect the plugs in all places. These are fixed interfaces, some have numbers, find the corresponding docking, and some are foolproof interfaces, the wrong ones cannot be inserted. After all lines and clips are docked, check again. After confirming that it is correct, plug it in and turn it on before testing. If the function of the operation panel is displayed normally, it means that the assembly is completed and can be used normally. If there is a fault, find the fault point and remove it.

3. If you use custom type, you just need to choose a good style. The general production time depends on the materials and styles selected, and it takes about a week to complete. There is no need to invest too much energy in the installation process of the home steam room, we will make it strictly according to the style and the company's construction technology.
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