sauna suitable for outdoor use 2022

Why do saunas in many places choose wooden sauna boards when choosing floors. The reason is that this is an environmentally friendly green material. It is very suitable for sauna rooms and outdoor environments. It is a good material that everyone is most favored by. If you are still struggling with what kind of floor to choose, then the wooden sauna board is indeed worthy of everyone's trust. .

The sauna board has the advantages of high strength, anti-corrosion and rust resistance. It has very good performance in acid resistance. After installation and use, no additional maintenance and maintenance are required. It can be said that in the building decoration industry, this is not only a kind of A breakthrough in materials is a great innovation. If you don’t know much about the material of wood sauna board, you can go to the physical store or communicate with Xinjiang wood manufacturers to learn more about the product.

The wooden sauna board has a strong preventive ability, it is not only waterproof but also moisture-proof. This fundamentally solves the humid and watery environment that wood products often face, and it eliminates the problems of decay and expansion and deformation in this environment. For those environments where traditional wood products cannot be used, wood sauna boards can be competent.

As a highly environmentally friendly material, it is non-polluting and can be recycled. Its formaldehyde is lower than the O-level standard, and it truly meets the European environmental protection standards. Compared with the general floor, it has a longer lifespan and an outdoor lifespan of more than 15 years, and other materials cannot compare with it at all.
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