Sauna sweat to go to the fire or get angry

Under normal circumstances, occasionally sweating has the effect of eliminating fire, but if the sweating time is too long, the water loss in the body is serious, and it may also cause fire.

Sweat steaming can make the human body sweat a lot through the action of high temperature, which can make the metabolic waste in the body excreted with sweat, which can make the skin firm and elastic, and can also promote blood circulation and speed up the body's metabolism. To the role of internal fire.

For patients with dampness in the body, steaming can be used to help expel the dampness. For people with cold hands and feet all the year round, steaming can also be used to expel wind and cold, warm the body and activate blood. However, if you sweat for a long time, you will sweat a lot and lose too much water in your body. At this time, if you do not replenish water in time, your body is prone to get angry.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and judge according to the specific situation. When sweating, pay attention to timely ventilation, so as to avoid fainting after the body consumes a lot of oxygen, and also pay attention to avoid sweating for too long.
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