Sequence of doing sauna steaming

The normal sequence of sauna steaming is bathing - steaming - resting - complete.

You should take a shower first and then sweat. Bathing before steaming is to remove the garbage on the surface of the skin to prevent clogging of pores, which is not conducive to the discharge of toxins in the body.

The order of doing the sauna:

1. Undress and get a sheet
Take off your clothing and jewelry. Grab a sheet and sit in the sauna.

2. Shower before sauna
Take a shower beforehand. Showers moisturise the skin and remove perfumes and odors that would otherwise be more intense and pungent in a sauna. A body scrub is also recommended.

3. Dry your body
Your body should be completely dry before entering the sauna to speed up perspiration in the sauna.

4. Wash your legs with warm water
Shower your legs with warm water before entering the sauna. Cold legs can delay the effects of sweating.

5. Lay your entire body on a sheet or towel
Sit on a sheet or towel while in the sauna. When entering and exiting the sauna, move quickly and make sure the door is closed tightly to prevent heat from escaping.

6. Bench from low to high
It is recommended to sit on the lower bench first as the temperature is lower there. The air in the Finnish sauna is dry. Pour water over hot stones to increase humidity

7. Sitting or lying still
While in the sauna, try to remain as still as possible. Breathe normally. You can sit or lie down.

8. Sauna time and cool down
When entering for the first time, do not spend more than 10-12 minutes in the Finnish sauna. You can use the hourglass on the sauna wall. People who do not support high temperatures should spend less time indoors. When it's hot enough, get out of the sauna and cool off gradually under the shower, or just sit and rest at room temperature or outside. Especially the head should cool slowly.

9. Talk in the sauna
A sauna is mainly a place to relax. Conversation in the sauna is fine as long as it doesn't disturb other users. When you're in the sauna with just a group of friends or business associates, you can talk as much as you want. However, when another person enters the sauna, you should respect their right to relax. In this case, in order to continue the discussion, you should either leave the sauna or wait until the other person leaves.

10. Repeat Sessions
During the second sauna, there should be a little more humidity in the air than the first. The skin softens and blood circulation is stimulated. Cool again. The heat-cool exchange can be repeated as many times as you like. For most people, 2 times is enough.

11. Relax and drink water
Take a final shower and relax in the hydromassage tub. Dry and relax on the recliner for at least 10-15 minutes. Drink something to refresh yourself. It is recommended to drink water or tea (unsweetened) before and after the sauna. Eating fruit can balance calcium. Loss of magnesium can be balanced later by eating leafy green vegetables.

12. After the sauna
Cool down thoroughly before putting on clean sheets, otherwise, you will be sweating constantly. You shouldn't feel cold, the body is very sensitive after a sauna. The skin is fully prepared for regeneration, detoxification or a relaxing massage.

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